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Jessica Jewel Biography Photo Jessica Jewel Biography
Born: 10/17/1971
Aliases: Heather Horne, Jessica Conners, Jessica Rabbit, Jessica Collins, Heather Hornay, Kimare Broody

Born: October 17, 1971 In Camarillo, California
AKA: Heather Hornay, Jessica Jewell, Jessie Jewels
Mistaken aliases: Jessica Conners, Jessica Collins
Resides now in: California
Height: 5 ft. 4 in.
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Measurements: Waist 24” Hips 34”
Breasts: 34DD

Unrivaled nondescript sensational bliss of Adult Film fury this uncut “Jewel” set brilliance to shine with amazement. Jessica bore an Addonic – like feature for ‘Jock and Awe’ amongst her male co-stars. Domineering subjects through torrent ‘about face-fully’ blissful sexual frenzy. The public was in for a likeness none before a gazed upon her Jubblie Jewels. Jessica was not revered for her shy awakening but, moreover her tenacity of deliverance, crowning her set Queen of her Genre. Jessica ran the many a gambit of naming such as ‘Heather Hornay’, simply Jessica, the pronouncing of an extra l in Jewell, or the pluralization of Jewel being Jewels, to which fit this Gem to perfection.

There would be no part to which this Jewel would turn down. Abound in determination to press on Jessica set on for Legacy status. The entitlements of Torrid, adventurous, luscious, uninhibited, lustful, wicked and unmatched bring to mind the acting styles we associate with this “Pornographic Princess”. Jessica willingly and amorously set her talents to amaze one and all. To no surprise Her Jewels’ of Plenty be it first in filming or more recent title sell with no surprise in great volume even to present day.

Jessica opened the access to a full body pass when she left nothing to our imaginations and bared her goods. Bring it on roared this romp ready relic for raunchy renditions of sexy fun, to male and female actors alike. Maximum displays of aggression were known to be Jessica’s trademark for erotic voyeurism. Sensual slow played roles of seduction were not her calling, Jessica would demand more of her scenes and fellow actors will to be. From Day One in her pursuit to pleasure and adult film stardom, Jessica would take on over 150 acts of varying forms of carnal entertainment, no matter the role, no matter the aim for insertion or action Jessica performed brilliantly.

Supple, pleasure driven Lips, hips and complimentary crowd pleasingly bountiful booty and lady lumps, no critic ever complains of an average presence of body. An unmistakably high-pitched mousy like voice claiming the scenes as their own, no one could soon or ever forget.

Jessica got started in hardcore in 1998, not wasting anytime in making a name for herself as being an adventurously extreme nymphet. You can always count on Jessica to turn out the edgy sex filled spectacles on cue.

Check her out in "Max World 16" if you need pounding proof of primal thirst. Jessica has the role of a reporter giving Max Hardcore and interview about his sexual fancies all the while deciding to do some on hand and in depth investigative reporting work for herself. Resulting in a steamy, explosive scene with Jessica and Max Hardcore that gives her an exclusive expose into what really 'drives' Max to Hardcore.

Another great performance is in Extreme's "Sluts Butts and Housewives," where she portrays a very emotionally wracked housewife who needs convincing, as which she well receives in this forceful feature.

In "Ripe Cherry Cheerleaders," Jessica goes in for a audition and gets more than she exhaustingly set out for. Her ultimate fan favorite in mainstream performances was in "Sensual Experience," where she plays a ghost, haunting a young married couple. She proudly stands out in a lesbian scene with Raquel Divine, then finds her way into an orgy with Asia Carrera and 3 other studs.

Other Bio:
Porn Star Jessica Jewel a busty redhead, is one of the hardest working women in the hardcore industry. She's a wide-mouthed strumpet with a strong jawline and a look on her face that lets you know she means business. Jessica Jewel's well-enhanced front end perfectly complements her lusciously full backside. And with a high-pitched voice straight out of 'Chasing Amy,' there's no chance that you'll forget Jessica Jewel once you've caught her amorous act.

Jessica Jewel first got into hardcore in 1998 and wasted no time establishing herself as one of the most sexually driven and adventurous women on the scene. She can always be counted on to turn in the nastiest, most over the top scene in any flick she's in. Just take a gander at her trysting in "Max World 16" if you need any proof. Jessica Jewel plays a reporter interviewing Max Hardcore about his controversial style, but soon feels the need to find out for herself what it's all about. The result is a frantic, fiery tryst between Jessica and Max Hardcore that shows her to be more than into it. She not only puts up with all of Max Hardcore's probing, shaving and swearing, she positively revels in it!

Other top performance include Jessica Jewel's turn in Extreme's "Sluts Butts and Housewives," where she plays an angry wife who unleashes herself on her hubby in an aggressive scene of oral/anal hi jinx. In "Ripe Cherry Cheerleaders," Jessica Jewel comes in for a tryout and ends up in the clinch with a pair of piston-pumping studs. Jessica Jewel's best bigger budget appearance is in "Sensual Experience," where she plays a sultry ghost haunting a newlywed couple. She shines in an early lesbian grind with Raquel Divine, then jumps into the middle of a fiveway group grope with Asia Carrera and a trio of hunks.

A rough and tumble sex kitten who sports some wonderfully soft curves, Jessica Jewel's been in over 150 hardcore flicks during her time in the biz. She continues to be one of the most prolific sexers on the scene and odds are that if you're a fan of modern day porn, you'll be seeing plenty of this brazen bad girl.

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